Tuesday, July 26, 2011


This is my first ever blog for fun!  I wrote on a mandatory blog for one of my college courses, but it just turned into busy work for me, since the subject matter is not something I am extremely interested in. 

I like the idea of a blog.  There are so many out in cyber-world, and yet the idea of having a unique place on this gigantic internet is kind of thrilling. 

I have a lot of interests that I really want to develop, and so this will be kind of an exciting picture, video, text journal that can help me document my journey toward developing passions and interests. 

Some things I am interested in, right now, include cooking, knitting, reading, playing the piano, and fashion.   I am also studying to be an elementary school teacher, so I am very interested in our education system, and in different education techniques.

I chose the name "ladyinlavender" mostly because I like the idea of anonymity.  I am not looking to get a huge following on this blog or anything like that.  Nothing I say is interesting enough.  So it is kind of neat to be able to write and not worry that I can be connected to what I say.  
I also recently watched the film "Ladies in Lavender".  It is not my favorite movie, by any means.  It has some strange sexual undertones that Freud would have a hay-day discussing, but the scenery is beautiful, the life the main characters lead is simple, and the music took my breath away.  

It is a movie definitely worth watching if you are the BBC, Masterpiece theater, Period film type (like me!).

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